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RCG 3x Reel + 2x Braided line set

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The RCG 3x Reel + 2x Braided line set features three RCG VTR Reels of your choice, which you can combine with two RCG Descent Braided lines of your choice.

2x RCG Descent Braided Line

A slow-sinking, eight-strand braided line that has virtually no stretch. Supplied on spools of 1,000 meters and available in 4 sizes (green or brown):

  • 0.22mm / 20lbs / 9.0kg
  • 0.25mm / 25lbs / 11.4kg
  • 0.30mm / 30lbs / 13.6kg
  • 0.35mm / 35lbs / 15.9kg

Since the line has virtually no stretch, we recommend the use of a shock leader to better absorb the shocks of the fighting carp.

3x The RCG VTR mill 8,000 / 14,000
The RCG VTR Mill with quick drag. Both an 8,000 and a 14,000 series are available.


  •  10 + 1 stainless ball bearing
  • Aluminum coil
  • Carbon Resistance System
  •  Heavy duty stainless steel main shaft
  • Instant anti-reverse system
  •  Lightweight 550 gram graphite body
  • Perfectly balanced rotor
  • Wooden handle
  • Line capacity up to 375mtr 0.35mm (8,000), 520mtr 0.35mm (14,000)
  • Spare coil included




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