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Raptor X-TREME 330 – Airdeck


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WEB Raptor Boot Kleur Zwart Carbonlook


NB! The photos are of the Raptor X-TREME 270 with Airdeck floor.
& Op de productfoto’s is een Anker Roller te zien, is dit vervangen voor een Front Roller Mount. 

Extreme conditions call for an X-TREME boat. The Raptor X-TREME 330 with airdeck floor is a powerhouse from our X-TREME Series. This very wide boat has a inner width of no less than 86cm making it one of the widest boats on the market! Due to the extra wide design, the Raptor X-TREME 330 is very stable and has plenty of interior space.

This inflatable boat is made of high quality materials. For example, it has a sturdy PVC cloth (2000 decitex) with a thickness of up to 1.2 mm. The sturdy carbon look gives this boat the look that suits the extreme conditions for which you can use the boat. The high level of finish is characteristic of the durability of this robust dinghy. This gives Raptor 5 years warranty on the PVC fabric and the seams.

The Raptor X-TREME 330 has been developed based on our X-WIDE models, but compared to the X-WIDE 330 boats, it is equipped with the following extras, making the boat feel at home in extreme conditions;

  • Comfortable air deck floor.
  • Extra sturdy polyester mirror with a thickness of 3.6 cm.
  • Heavy Duty bumper on the side of the tubes.
  • Heavy Duty protective strips on the underside of the tubes.
  • 1.2mm PVC cloth.
  • 2000 Decitex.
  • Tube diameter of up to 42 cm.
  • Anchor roll at the bow of the boat.



You will receive this in your package.

When purchasing the Raptor X-TREME 330 with airdeck bottom you will receive a complete package that consists of;

Warning The Raptor X-TREME 330 is shipped in two packets. You will receive a Track & Trace number for this package.

  • Raptor X-TREME 330 boat body.
  • Black air deck floor.
  • Black aluminum sofa.
  • Black paddles.
  • Foot pump (1 BAR).
  • Foldable bag for storing and transporting the boat.
  • Repair kit (Glue, valve, valve wrench and PVC).

Optionally available;


Which engine do I need?

A powerful boat requires a powerful engine. Buying an (electric) motorcycle can be a significant investment. Team Raptor likes to think along with you, so that you can make a careful decision about purchasing an (electric) outboard motor. When choosing the perfect motorcycle, consider the following points;

  • What items do I take with me on the boat?
  • Am I going to fish on (calm) open water or on a river with a current?
  • For what purposes will I use my boat?
  • Are spare parts easy to obtain, such as a propeller or shear pin?
  • What is the power consumption of an electric motor? And which lithium battery or lead battery can be combined with the engine?

Geschikte motoren voor de Raptor X-TREME 330

Prefer another Raptor boat?

Do you have choice stress when choosing a Raptor boat? We are happy to help you with your search for the perfect dinghy for carp anglers. Is this dinghy not quite the boat you are looking for? Then one of these inflatable dinghies might be perfect for you!


Weight 64 kg


Kind of product









330 cm

Length Inner

248 cm


Width Inner

86 cm


42 cm

Tube diameter

Protection Tube

Keel (Heavy Duty), Full Bottom


Thickness Material


Seams decitex

2000 Decitex

Number of Air Chambers (Boat Body)


Pressure Relief Valve(s) (Boat Body)


Floor type


Floor color


Material Bottom book


Thickness Material (Bottom Cloth)


Inflatable Keel


Double bonded finish, Yes

Thickness Mirror

3.6 cm


paddle holders

Double bonded finish, Yes



towing eye

D-ring at the bow of the boat, Yes

Transducer Mounting Plate

Yes on mirror

Number of Persons (Maximum)

4, 5

Payload (Maximum)

630 KG

Power Engine (Maximum)

15 HP


Aluminum Bench, Body Floor, Boat Body, Paddles, Repair Kit, Foot Pump


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