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Raptor carp boats stands for high quality materials and workmanship at an affordable price. The range of carp boats consists of different models that can be used for different forms of fishing. There is a choice of different models which are all based on the same concept, sturdy, stability, interior space and luxurious finish. Currently, the range consists of 5 models, all of which are supplied with an air deck. The models from 2.30 meters are also available with an aluminum base. The absolute toppers can also be provided with a specially developed boat tent. Further development of this tent is still ongoing. The Raptor boats are basically all designed on the basis of a "D model" which is frequently used with rubber boats. This model was chosen as the basis and further developed into an ideal, spacious carp boat. Many carp boats offered in the market are simply based on existing models in the market with already existing CE certificates. Raptor has adapted these models so that the boats are more suitable for the demanding carp angler. This has created boats with more interior space and stability.

The standard equipment and features of all Raptor carp boats consist of:

  • X Wide design for more interior space AND stability
  • Heavy duty protective strips on the bottom of the boat
  • Heavy duty bumper with anti-splash edge
  • Reinforced mirror with extra applied PVC
  • Luxury selfless cap
  • Black coated aluminum paddles
  • Black coated aluminum sofa which is also adjustable
  • Pressure relief valve to protect the tubes in case of temperature changes
  • 5 year warranty on fabric and seams
  • Repair set consisting of glue and PVC material
  • Bag
  • Pump
  • Free shipping within the Netherlands and Belgium

Extra features models 270 - 300 - 330:

  • Black coated stainless steel rings on the front
  • 6 luxurious soft hanging handles on the front of the boat
  • 4 soft handles on the side of the boat for easy transport
  • Black folding bag for easy loading and unpacking of the boat

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