The used material of all Raptor boats concerns 1100 Decitex cloth of high quality. The color used is olive green in combination with black accents.


All used air decks in the Raptor boats have the same olive green color as the tubes. All models are also equipped with a strip for attaching a fuel tank or battery.


Aluminum floor parts

All aluminum floor parts are black coated for a nice matching look with the rest of the boat.

270 alu

Aluminum sofas

All Raptor boats are equipped with an adjustable black coated aluminum sofa. On the larger models, an additional bench can be supplied for a small additional charge if required.



The entire mirror is finished in black, the mounting on the tubes is reinforced with an extra layer of PVC material and the mirror is placed further back to create more interior space.

Reinforced mirror

Pressure relief valve

All Raptor boats are equipped with a pressure relief valve. Why a pressure relief valve? A pressure relief valve serves to protect the tubes in the event of temperature differences. When you inflate the boat with colder temperatures (morning), the boat will get tighter as the weather gets warmer because the air in the rooms will expand. Excessive pressure in the chambers can damage the seams of the tubes, resulting in possible leaks. The air chamber in which the pressure relief valve is located must always be inflated first.

Pressure valve


All Raptor boats are delivered with a pair of black coated paddles which have a suitable size in combination with the boat supplied. The paddles are mounted on a heavy duty rowing reel with a stainless pin. The rowing reel is also equipped with a frog to quickly capture your boat with a rope.


The black paddles can also be ordered separately if you want to equip your existing non-Raptor boat with black paddles.


Raptor boats has consciously opted for "soft" handles on the sides of the boat. When rolling up the boat, fully plastic handles often come out just wrong. In addition, the larger models also have 6 soft handles mounted on the front of the boat.


Selfless cap

All boats are equipped with a selfless cap. Open the slide and the water is easy to get out of the boat.

Selfless cap

D ring

Two black coated stainless steel d rings are mounted on the front of the boat (230 and higher).

Stainless steel ringD Ring

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