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Fixid Cleaner – 100 ml


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For extra strong grip on the surface and for thinning for large areas.

The cleaner is a cleaner and thinner for optimal adhesion preparation of surfaces and the absolute arch enemy for greases.

  • Provides maximum grip when gluing – thanks to the clean surface.
  • Universally applicable – designed for cleaning and dilution.
  • Also easily removes stubborn silicones - the specially designed formula ensures a clean cleaning, even on stubborn opponents.
  • Content 100ml

Do you want the ideal glue preparation for FIXID 1K or adjust the viscosity according to your wishes? With this cleaner you achieve the best surface activation before gluing and you get surfaces absolutely free of grease and silicone. If you want to further thin the FIXID 1K, FIXID Cleaner can also be used as a dilution and added as desired.

FIXID Cleaner is an organic based solvent, specially developed for FIXID 1K with the necessary ethyl acetate components and improved chemical properties.

For ideal use, we recommend a lint-free microfibre cloth.

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