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Raptor Elektromotor 18 LBS – 42Ah Kit


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Combination deal: 18Lbs motor + 42ah deep cycle battery + 4.0ah charger.
This way you can score a Raptor Electric motor, with battery, and a battery charger for a nice price!

The Raptor Electric Motor 18lbs 12v
This motor is a compact electric outboard motor for dinghies. With its 3.8 kg, the electric motor is lightweight, maintenance-friendly and quiet. In addition, the Raptor Electric Motor 18lbs 12v is easy to attach to the transom or engine mount of a boat.

The electric motor has a thrust of 18lbs and is therefore suitable for smaller boats.

The Raptor Electric Motor 18lbs 12v two forward gears and two reverse gears. Furthermore, the electric outboard motor is adjustable in height and equipped with a two-blade propeller, an extendable throttle and alligator clips to connect the electric motor to a battery. The maximum consumption of the outboard motor is 18Ah.

This deep cycle battery is very suitable for our electric motors. 100% maintenance free.

Voltage 12V
Terminal Type: insert M6
Dimensions: L198 x W166 x H171mm
Weight: 13.6kg

This Ecobat 6V/12V 4AH battery charger is very suitable for charging and preserving the battery for a longer period of time.

Features of this battery charger are:
Automatically selects the voltage of 6V or 12V
Automatically selects battery type
Protection against polarity inversion and short circuit
Backlit Digital Graphic Display
Adjustable mounting hook
Voltage 6V/12V
Power supply voltage 220-240V
Capacity 4AH



Weight 23 kg


Kind of product

Electric motor 12v




18 lbs


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