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In brief

All boats come with a 5-year warranty on the fabric and seams. A 2-year warranty is provided on the other components. Read the instructions carefully in order to make optimum use of your boat.

All common parts are available.


We use pressure relief valves to extend the life of the boats. It is essential that the rooms are pumped in a certain order. The first chamber is always the chamber in which the pressure relief valve is located. Subsequently, the room that is pumped up next to the already inflated room must be continued by the last room.

We recommend the following combinations:

Type Boat Power
160 35lbs/45lbs
180 35lbs/45lbs
200 45lbs/55lbs
230 45lbs/55lbs
270 55lbs/65lbs
300 55lbs/65lbs
330 65lbs/90lbs
400 90lbs
470 90lbs

Everything is highly dependent on what you want to do with the boat:

  • Take your many things with you
  • Do you fish on open water or on a river (and therefore current)
  • Power consumption of the battery: more advanced electric motors are economical to use but also more expensive to purchase

The purchase of an electric motor can be a major investment and must therefore be carefully decided.

The battery models below can be classified under type 3S. That is, three cells of 3.7V. This gives nominally 11.1V and fully charged 12.6V. These batteries switch off completely at 9V to protect the batteries in the batteries. The batteries are safe to use on all 12V angling equipment.

There are various variants of the Evion batteries available:

18Ah: This variant is ideal for a depth sounder and/or use in a bait boat. The size has been chosen to fit most standard bait boat sizes. Price: € 129.-.
60Ah: A battery with enough capacity for one or two nights of fishing! Price: € 349.-.
100Ah: For a longer trip and/or use in combination with heavier engines that require more capacity, the 100Ah battery is ideal. Price: € 579.-.
150Ah: The most powerful version of the Evion batteries is very suitable for long trips or for intensive use, for example in predatory fishing. Price: € 849.-.

Attention, only use the supplied pump to inflate your Raptor boat, compressed air can quickly damage the boat! Our automatic air pumps with adjustable BAR pressure are also extremely suitable.

  • Make sure you have enough space to work properly.
  • Before pumping up the boat make sure that the surface is clean and flat, especially on sharp objects.
  • Pump the air chambers for about half full and then first install your airdeck or aluminum floor.


  1. Unfold the airdeck floor in the half-pumped boat and make sure that the airdeck is as nice and flat as possible under the edges of the boat.
  2. Pump the airdeck floor with air.
  3. If necessary, correct during inflation so that the air deck forms nicely in the boat.

Please note, an airdeck is intended to be inflated HARD, this makes the entire boat stable. The supplied pump has a special position to inflate the air deck to the correct pressure. (0.7 bar)

Aluminum floor:

  1. Place floor part 1 with a point in the bow of the half-pumped inflatable boat.
  2. Place the rear floor part against the mirror.
  3. Place the middle part (or parts) where it works best if the rear parts are up against each other as follows:

Then check whether all other parts fit nicely in the grooves and then gently push the tip down.

The aluminum side strips are easiest to assemble by tilting them over the floor parts, keeping the bevel towards the tubes and the profile in the groove.

  • You can now slide the bench onto the guide strip and position it in the optimum position
  • Now pump the air chambers in turn further, starting with the air chamber with it pressure relief valve, followed by the adjacent room next to the one with the pressure relief valve and finally the last room (in case of three rooms
  • Pump up the keel last
  • Mount the caps on the valves.

Please note, always make sure the boat is clean and dry before storing. For tips for longer storage periods, see the relevant chapter in your manual.

  • Unscrew the caps and ensure that the valves are open by turning them a quarter turn.
  • Do not dismantle the bench until the boat has emptied at least a quarter
  • Remove the air deck floor from the boat, clean it and open the valve.
  • For an aluminum floor, first dismantle the side profiles of the floor sections.
  • Then store the floorboards together with the side profiles and the connection pieces in the supplied “floor bag”
  • Withdraw the last air from the boat with the supplied pump.
  • Then roll up the boat. Begin with the rear of the mirror and roll towards the bow (point). Fold the rear points inwards against the mirror and pull the tubes to the middle so that the boat can be stored compactly in the supplied bag.
  • Store everything in the supplied bag for the next carp session.
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